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I don´t love my followers because they follow me



 I love them because:

  • a “like” in a post that took me time makes my day
  • a *hugs* when I’m sad can make all the difference
  • the effort to go on my ask box and talk to me makes me feel like I’m worth of something
  • And because when you reblog something and fangirl with me I don´t feel so alone

So thank you for following me

I love you all.

“But I feel like [the Rin we see now] is the real Rin—that this is the Rin he would’ve grown into if, as a child, he hadn’t gotten lost the way he did and had grown up normally. Rather, the Season 1 Rin was an outlier.” (x)

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Haruka & Rin (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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in this generation, you can’t tell if someone is 13 or 18


laid is pronounced like paid but not said and said is pronounced like bread but not bead and bead is pronounced like lead but not lead


all i want is alibaba being completely overwhelmed by culture shock in balbadd when he gets back from the summit.
like he’s at dinner trying his best to learn to use chopsticks or smth and kougyoku’s sitting next to him being picky and discreetly slipping all these vegetables she doesn’t want onto his plate and the task of getting all this food from his plate to his mouth is just growing more and more monumental and daunting and he’s already dropped like three dumplings onto his lap and kouen does not look impressed at all why iS THI S HAPPENIGN TO HIM??? ? ?? 

angeldemon101: Wow, so I went back and checked and it's only been like a week-ish but it's felt like aaageess since I've seen you pop up on my dash, so when I saw your name in the dashboard I was like "AHH *excited* YUE! (๑>◡<๑)♥ THERE SHE IS! FRIEND IS BACK. :B" how goes the exams btw? :'3

aw :D thank you! This is so nice of you!!! >w<)♥ I am currently in China visting relatives :D So I sometimes have internet and sometimes not ovo As my grandparents don’t have wifi 8I And before I went to China I was like a month off of tumblr to study :D The exams went well so far ovo But I still have a few in September Q_Q And it is difficult to concentrate on studies here because I’d rather spend some time with my family xD uh ;w; I think, I will make this public so I can see your nice message :3 Because if I answer privately I will never see your message again ;w; Tumblr really should add an outbox 8I I hope that’s ok <w<”“”“” how are you doing? ovo


important question: have we ever seen anyone use a fork in magi

i think here in the 3rd panel there could be a fork under the spoon in morgiana’s bowl. it doesn’t look like a knife to me ovo but i’m not sure




emotional dmmd cuties
↳ 6/?: broken
Steins; Gate - Lab Members

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dont ask me to smile in pictures because i will look like this 100% of the time

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